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The OE Firm is a consultation firm that helps the clients with their writing needs. The firm also offers consultation services to its clients, offering them help, from the wealth of the firm’s knowledge, as regards growing businesses.

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OE firm


February, 2021


Osasu Ehigiator

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It is the vision of the OE Firm to be the leading consultation firm globally.


The mission of the firm is to provide excellent writing services to clients and from their body of expertise help the businesses of their clients to make well informed and knowledgeable decisions that would help them operate quintessentially.

Company History

The writing firm, OE firm was established in February, 2021. It was founded by Osasu Ehigiator an undergraduate of the University of Ibadan studying Geography. The firm began consequent to Osasu’s decision to monetize his passion for reading and developing his mind. Knowing that he had a great command of the English language and also wanting to express himself in words, he decided to use his skill to help others.

Osasu started the consultation and writing firm alongside each other because of his quest for independence. He also realized that he could help bring an intellectual angle towards the growth of businesses.

Founder of the OE Firm

Osasu Ehigiator is a writing and consulting intellect who is an undergraduate of the University of Ibadan. As the name suggests, he is the brain behind the OE Firm. He enjoys reading, writing and playing strategy games for developing himself and these are the traits that gave him the push to kick start the firm.

Osasu Ehigiator


The major challenge faced by the one year old firm is building customer trust. Consequent to the fact that the firm is run by a student, the bulk of their work are academic writings. These lecturers that give assignments, projects or research work are not predictable especially if the lecturer’s marking strategy is not know by the student to do the work, it might be difficult getting the job done without it being rejected.

However, there has been a huge turn up for the brand in it’s one year of operation with awesome reviews, large clientele and profits.


Social Media Handles

Instagram: Osasu_ehigiator_


Twitter: Osasu_ekogiawe

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