Teephe cakes’n’treats

Teephe cakes’n’treats is a pastry and cakes enterprise with the ready-to-eat slice of heaven. It is a bakery with proficiency in satisfying the taste buds of its customers.

Type : Private

Name : Teephe cakes’n’treats

Founder : Alimi Boluwatife

Founded : November 2017

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Sector : Hospitality

Industry : Baking

Area Served : Nigeria

Key People : Alimi Boluwatife (Creative Director)

Location : Osun and Lagos, Nigeria.

Services : Cakes, pastries and surprises.

Instagram : teephe_cakes’n’treats

Twitter : teephe_cakes


The vision of teephe_cakes’n’treats is to treat everyone’s taste buds rights, to bring smiles to people’s faces and create memories they would cherish forever.


The mission is to make the products well packaged and appealing to everyone, hereby the products are affordable.

About Teephe cakes’n’treats

Teephe cakes’n’treats was founded by the creative director Alimi Boluwatife. A fresh graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She hails from Lagos State, Epe and comes from a Christian home of 4 Children. She is a sales and marketing specialist.

       Teephe cakes’n’treats started partially in 2017 with the creative director as a fresher in school then, but full operations commenced and was officially established in 2019 in her 3rd year and since then the enterprise has been making waves. In 2017 as a fresher, Alimi Boluwatife was not motivated to start but the roommates she had was the motivation to start after they discovered she had learnt baking. She started by making cupcakes and selling them, taking them from room to room in the hostel and whenever one of the roommates had a  birthday, she was always asked to bake a cake. Growing up her mum was the one that inspired her to learn how to bake, her mum was always on the stand that she should learn a skill before entering the university and that has indeed paid off.


  • Alimi Boluwatife recounted that there were days when sales were really low or times when customers would want a reduction in price and in order not to lose them, she would need to make a compromise on the price, and sometimes would even make a loss and not profit. To make maximum profits she works towards seasons when the sales are good and makes sure to reach out to more customers.
  • Another challenge she experienced was the inflation in prices of baking ingredients and not to fall to loss, she acquires these materials in bulk when they are cheapest. This has proven easier than getting the materials dependent on an individual order.

School and Business.

For Teephe cakes’n’treats there is nothing like a normal working day as she would have to attend lectures during the day, the only time she had to deliver orders were during weekends. Creative Director Alimi at a point tried taking orders in the evenings but this proved abortive as most customers did not want to wait till evening, so instead, she always posted what she had to during the week for customers to pre-order towards the weekend for delivery, but in cases where she had to deliver birthday cakes, she would bake over the night and deliver in the morning before she goes for lectures.

Social media effect on the business.

Alimi Boluwatife describes social media as a platform that has made the business known to a larger audience even outside school. Social media with the availability of a business page has made the business to be easily accessible by people, customers can just check through whatever they want to get and be rest assured of a perfect job instead of asking for picture

Words from Creative Director Teephe cakes’n’treats.

Teephe cakes’n’treats in whatever opportunity she finds herself always makes a note to advise young student entrepreneurs that “Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes, it won’t be really the way you expected at the beginning because you would be expecting certain profits but at the end, you won’t even make up to half of what you expected.” She says there is a need to keep learning new things every time and to keep working at a pace you can balance and not to rush things and never to compare your business with others.

Social media handles

Instagram : teephe_cakes’n’treats

Twitter : teephe_cakes

Google Search : teephe_cakes’n’treats


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