Tabitha’s Collection

Tabitha’s collection is owned by Oluwafunmilayo Dorcas Falola who is an innovator and fashion creative born in Ibadan, Oyó state and studying Geography at the University of Ibadan. The brand is a fashion accessory collective that Oluwafunmilayo has been building since the ‘Lock down‘ in 2020. These accessories range from bangles, neckpieces, head wraps, headbands and much more.

Ankara accessories
Ankara made earrings

Registered Name

Tabitha’s Collection


30th September, 2020


Oluwafunmilayo Dorcas Falola

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Fashion adornment and beautification


Tabitha’s collection was created with the desire to see ladies wear their accessories all over the world, irrespective of their colour or race.


It is the mission of Tabitha’s collection to promote the African culture through the use of their products and making sure it is recognized globally. It is also their mission to promote people’s unique style sense.

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Company History

The idea of the fashion brand Tabitha’s Collection came to be long before the Lock Down happened. When she was about the age of twelve, the Creative Director of the brand, Oluwafunmilayo Falola and her family had a family event to attend and as is the custom here in Nigeria, there was aso-ebi of which when interpreted means, The family cloth, used to recognize a certain group of family and friends. She didn’t want to look exactly the same as the rest of the family. She wanted something uniquely different to add to her style so, she asked the tailor to make her a bangle with pieces of the Ankara fabric. Because this was not in vogue at the time, the tailor couldn’t fathom what she was trying to create and so, she had to dress up like everybody else. But, she kept this in mind and 2020 was the perfect year to have brought her ideas to life.

The brand’s intention to stick to the use of Ankara and Adire fabrics stems from the need to create beautiful accessories that still celebrate the African culture. The brand has the will to help people celebrate their “Africanness” and appreciate the African culture through the use of African prints and patterned materials.

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Tabitha’s Collection

Creative Director of Tabitha’s Collection

Tabitha’s Collection was founded by Oluwafunmilayo Dorcas Falola, a fashion innovator and creative who is currently studying Geography in one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, The University of Ibadan. Despite the demands in having to juggle her academics and business, she is learning the proper way to balance the two so one does not affect the other as she intends to expand the brand even after completing her tertiary education.

She also hails from the city of Ibadan, Oyó state and is a firm believer and lover of God.



Although people love the idea of creating Ankara accessories, it has however not been easy penetrating the minds of people and getting them to actually pay for the products.
With proper orientation on how well the products serve their value and customer reviews on the value they get. People are beginning to see the beauty and value of the products the brand showcases.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: Tabitha_Collections

Facebook: Tabitha’s Collection’scollection

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