Soft Footies

A business that runs the things of the old in a modern way, I bet Moses wouldn’t have led the Israelites barefooted. I can also bet you wouldn’t step out of the house without a matching footwear to that event of elites. If only I could keep betting without taking our time. Well, here is a business you’d love to know about……
Type : Private
Name : Soft Footies
Founder : ALABI Emmanuel Ayomide
Founded : 2020
Sector : Business
Industry : Leather Crafting
Services : solely handmade leather crafts

Vision and Mission

To be a worldwide brand, going big on a large scale in the business world.


To serve customers right and to their satisfactory.

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What Exactly is Soft Footies

Founded by Alabi Emmanuel popularly known as ‘Soft’, a Chemical Engineering student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Soft Footies is the brand name for a business that is solely based on handmade leather and leather-like materials such as footwears (i.e shoes, mules, slides and the likes), belts, bags, and any other made with leather object.

Mr Alabi ‘Soft’ Emmanuel, CEO Soft Footies

What Birthed Soft Footies?

A product of a part that was never in mind to be. Soft Footies came into existence first as an idea inspired by Mr Alabi Emmanuel’s mother and cousin during the lock down period of the Cover 19 breakout. An idea which later grew into reality and a source of income through proper tutorials and enough practices. The idea also came into something of great value because of it’s interesting and challenging factors. Seeing other products and ideas opened way for fresh challenges, jumping on the challenges and making better products was golden because it paid off greatly.
Soft Footies has been in good hands of two individuals so far. They both do basically everything together as division of labour comes with benefits of extra production.

Challenges Faced

Facing challenges no matter how little has been a part of whatever we do, but most challenges are part of what makes a business improve. Mr Alabi Emmanuel (Soft) recounts that balancing business life with his daily activities as a student and a social personnel has been very difficult. He works mainly on orders as ready-made products are not made available due to the peculiarity of the business. So there’s no work if there are no orders. When the orders come in, production time is created which will tend to affect the usual daily activities time but as a student the production time tends to fall on weekends. Also the inflation of prices in our present day Nigeria is a big factor from convincing customers to getting quality materials to transportation and all. Mr Alabi Emmanuel said “there are challenges but we’re coping through the grace of God”.

Awards and Achievement

• 2021 Entrepreneur / Brand of the Year Chemical Engineering department

Social Media Handles

You can reach out to Soft Footies through the following;
Instagram: @softf.ooties
Whatsapp: 07031134073



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