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Popularly known as the King of the Business of Writing” and known by the pen name “Seyi Babs,” he is an avid reader, eloquent speaker and prodigious penman, He is an Ambassador for Plus Consulting Career Club; a club of professionals based in Maryland-USA, that helps African professionals grow Africa. Not forgetting that he’s also a student, who studies at Federal University, Oye Ekiti as a Mechanical Engineer.

Full name: Babalola Ebenezar Oluwaseyi
Born: 3rd April 1997
Stage name: Seyi Babs
Occupation: Student entrepreneur
State of origin: Ekiti State

Early Life

Seyi Babs was born as Babalola Ebenezer Oluwaseyi, on the 3rd of April 1997, to Mr and Mrs I.O Babalola, in Lagos. He hailed from Erinjiyan in Ekiti state, Western Nigeria. He comes from a family of six and is the third child with a twin sister, who happens to be the second, and just like his name portrays, he’s a born and practicing christian. Growing up, Seyi Babs had a mindset that, People around him are suffering, and he has two options, either to join the suffering or lead them out of their suffering. Choosing to help out, brought the watchword that had served as an inspiration to do better. “The life we are living is singular, it doesn’t have a duplicate, neither a manual, so lead your life as your last, because it’s actually your last.”

Personal Life

Seyi Babs, is a 400 lvl student in the department of Mechanical engineering, a poultry farmer, a writer and an entrepreneur. He’s popularly referred to as “the King of the Business of Writing” and known by the pen name “Seyi Babs,” he is an avid reader, eloquent speaker and prodigious penman.

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His writing specialty ranges from content writing to ghostwriting, copy editing to copywriting. As an addicted writer and an Author, he has thirteen books to his name; twelve of which he wrote in a single year. Books to him are products that deserve attention that lead to sales.

He also runs a skill program presently, named Skilled game fuoye, where he plans to impact at least 10thousand of the University students in different legal ways on how to make money.

Seyi Babs, is planning to start his political career next month in the university, starting with attaining the Student Union Governorship post, and plans to run for either house of rep and senate in years to come.

Education History

He started his primary education at Adeola International school at Kubwa Abuja and started his secondary school at Jewel Model school at Kubwa Abuja, before transitioning to Air Force Military School Jos, then did some months at Taoheed Islamic school. Moving to his tertiary education, he started at University of Ilorin, before proceeding to Nigeria Defense Academy Kaduna, currently he’s in Federal University Oye Ekiti, studying mechanical engineering.

Business History

His Businesses started in March 2020, and December 2020. Agricternet and PenProse.E respectively.

Agricternet which started in December 2020, is a poultry farm, located in Ekiti state. He started Agricternet, due to the fact that a lot of people wanted healthy foods, since many farmers use many inorganic stuff to grow poultry produce, he wants to contribute his own quota in solving it.

Agricternet came with a lot of downfall and achievements. To mention a few of the downfall and achievement, the business website crashed due to heavy workload, lost close to about $600 at the beginning when they were aiming for expansion, and it didn’t work, they’ve met investors that refuse to invest, lost funds and many others but at that same year it started, they won a sum of 100thousand naira, have acquired a land, and have gotten about 500 customers.

PenProse.E. which started in March 2020, due to the trouble writers are facing then. He saw a lot of writers, who wanted quality but cheap solutions, and to gain as a writer at that time was so expensive, so he decided to start and help people at a cheaper rate.

He has been recognized as the CEO of Penprose, and has been invited for a lot of writing programmes.

Mission Statement: To influence over a million Nigerians in 10years.

Vision Statement: To make sure People understand the 5 P’s of business life. Which are
P : Pain
P : Passion
P : Profit
P : Profession
P : Purpose.

He has won best writer in different categories ranging from school, organizations and even in Ekiti State. He also care third in a competition for West African Intercollegiate in South West in 2021.


His major challenge is funding and the fact that most people do not see the professionalism in him because he’s a student.

Balancing Education, Business and Personal life.

Seyi Babs believes that balancing every aspect of his life is an illusion, he prioritizes what he’s supposed to do, and does them accordingly.

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