Scents by Liz

Scents by Liz is a perfume brand that helps clients with smelling good wherever they go and leaving a beautiful impression. The company also offers consultation services to its clients on what their specific preferences would be.

  • Type: Private
  • Name: Scents by Liz
  • Founded: May 13, 2021
  • Founder: Akadi Elizabeth
  • Industry: Perfume brand


  • Osun state, Nigeria.
  • Ibadan, Nigeria.


  • Consultation on the use of perfumes.
  • Selling perfumes.


To promote itself globally and across Nigeria


The mission of the brand is to give people lasting first impressions, build their confidence and make them super attractive.


SCENTS BY LIZ was established May 13, 2021 but was officially launched November 1st 2021. It was founded by Akadi Elizabeth, a 500 level student of the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University. She’s from a Christian home and has a strong passion for serving God. She’s also a Digital marketer and a Youtuber.

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The business was launched because Elizabeth felt she could help in making people more confident. Being a person who uses perfumes too, she was confident that she could make other people love using them too because she noticed that a lot of people are quite apprehensive about using perfumes. Elizabeth also had the budding passion to ensure that people smell well wherever they go and every impression left by the client is unique.


Starting a business alone can be quite unsettling, especially having to prepare for the start-up capital and build up the audience. Elizabeth described not fully launching the business until months after before she fully got involved in it no holds barred.

It wasn’t quite easy at the start and she had to do a lot of social media promotion and physically show samples to her friends and gain help to promote it.


For someone who takes her schoolwork seriously, Elizabeth decided to always manage her time perfectly well. “There’s a time for everything” is a principle she follows. She meticulously balances her time for lectures and time for her business so that one doesn’t affect the other.

Even though she spends a lot of time on social media, she ensures it doesn’t affect her time for studying her school work too.


Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: Scentsby_liz

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