Regalis Porte

Regalis Porte is a fashion line that has been built since August 2021. This line sells unisex wears such as plain tees, branded tees, cargo pants and a lot more.

  • Registered Name: Regalis Porte
  • Founded: November 1, 2021
  • Founder: Ademola Temitope
  • Industry: Fashion


  • Retail wears

Company’s History

Production of our products started in August 2021 before launching on the 1st of November, 2021. Temitope has always been a fan of fashion and getting good quality wears were either too expensive or takes too long to get delivered to where he was, so he decided to change that narrative by getting affordable but still of good quality for students and also getting it to them on time.

He also noticed that most people who sell the same products they sell are retailers of retailers of some other retailers making their product very expensive. So what he tries to do is get these same products directly from the wholesale market and sell at a first retail price. 

Creative Director of Regalis Porte

Regalis Porte was founded by Ademola Temitope, a fashion stylist and creative who is currently studying Civil Engineering at the prestigious Federal University of Technology, known as FUTA. Despite the demand to have to juggle his academics and business, he has been able to balance both to some extent, making sure that neither his Academics nor his business suffers. Regalis Porte is based in FUTA for now but he has the aim to expand his brand to other schools. 

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Mr Ademola was faced with a lot of challenges but the major ones were, balancing the business with education. It was a bit difficult because when he focused on one, the other suffered. Another issue he was faced with was the delivery system issue but he has been able to find his way around this. The journey so far has not been easy but he can say by the help of God and consistency, he has been able to overcome most of the challenges.


Getting a direct supply of high quality wears from the wholesale market from different parts of Nigeria.


To bring high quality, durable and fashion wears at affordable prices to students, enabling them to develop fashion sense and easy availability.

Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: Regalis Porte
  • WhatsApp number: +234708 622 4820

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