Precious Fabrics

Precious Fabrics is a brand that is passionate about fashion and designs and brings about affordable and quality fabrics collection to its clients at large. Precious Fabrics deals in sales of senator materials, Ankara, plain and patterned materials and Aso-ebi sourcing.

Type : Private

Name : Precious Fabrics

Founder : Oguntimehin .B. Precious

Founded : 25/06/2020

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Sector : Fashion

Industry : Clothing

Area Served : Nigeria

Key People : Oguntimehin .B. Precious

Location : Akure, Ondo State.

Services : Sales of Senator materials

                 Ankara, Plain and Patterned materials

                 Aso-ebi Sourcing.


Goggle: fabricsbyprecious

Business page

Instagram : b.preciousss

Business Contact : 08100609852

The Vision

Sourcing for the highest quality of fabrics and making them available at a low cost to enhance long term relationship with the customers and make our business sustainable with outstanding services.

The Mission

Delivering luxury but affordable fabrics by offering high quality fashionable clothing to our amiable customers.


Precious Fabrics was founded by the creative mind of Oguntimehin Bisola Precious on the 25th of June, 2020. Bisola Precious is a young graduate of the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She was born to the family of five based in Akure, Ondo State on the  20th of November. She is a native of Ekiti State.

     The creative mind behind Precious Fabrics and Managing director has her biggest inspiration to be her mum. Growing up she knew her mum to selling all shades of fabrics ranging from school uniforms to Aso-ebi sourcings to Kampala and all kinds of fabrics. Seeing the success her mum always recorded in the business boosted her passion for it and she then decided to begin to go with her mum on nearby journeys in sourcing for the best fabrics for clients and customers which helped her gain experience in the field. Asides her mum, Precious also experienced the gift of great friends, before she began business, they already began business for her. Wherever she went with her friends, they always made sure to introduce her as a lady that sells fabrics and would get them the best, sometimes she tries to oppose them, but they always maintained that she could help or even get from her mum and this was another push to start her own business in whatever little way she could. Precious Fabrics started fully on the 25th of June, 2020.


One of the major challenge Precious Fabrics faced as at when the business started was  client’s lack of trust which resulted in the payment after delivery. This is common to most businesses as in one way or the other an average Nigerian has been a victim of fraud. She was able to overcome this and build a trust relationship with her clients with the help of some business skills she learnt from her coach.

 Something else that Precious Fabrics would describe as a challenge when the business started was the fluctuation in the prices of fabrics, and to be able to break even she decided to begin to buy in large quantity so when fluctuations occur in prices it has little or no effect on the business. In recent times and the outrageous inflation on the price of materials, she makes sure to make her customers realize the increase in price. It has not been a smooth journey but she has been winning through it.

School and Business.

The normal day routine for Bisola Precious was going for lectures as that is her major purpose on campus and she didn’t joke with them. On days when she had orders, some of her  customers around Ife would request to see samples before their purchase, so she usually did schedule that towards evening and in some cases where she would have practicals as a science student, she always made sure to fix those checkings to weekends. Balancing academics , business, friends and family has not been easy for Bisola Precious, but she has come to understand that it all depends on scheduling the right thing at the right time and then not being pessimistic.

The Social Media Effect.

Managing director Precious Fabrics describes the effect of social media as Great. Social media has impacted a whole lot in her business and has the business  known to a larger audience. So many clients she has gotten and deals closed due to the help of social media. She has expressed great Joy on the influence of social media and a business page.

Wisdom Tips from Precious Fabrics

Oguntimehin Bisola Precious urges upcoming businesses to be “Optimistic and believe in the strength of their business”

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