Olumiporte is a self owned business that sells plain tees in wholesales and retail as well as branding of shirts and souvenir for individuals and organizations.

Founder: Dasaolu Daniel Olumide
Founded: April 9th 2020
Key people: Dasaolu Daniel Olumide
Industry: Clothing
Location: Ibadan Nigeria

The founder

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Company History

Olumiporte was founded by Dasaolu Daniel Olumide, a penultimate student of Psychology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences , University of Ibadan on April 9th 2020. It was founded by the inspiration the founder had in the year 2020 which was the pandemic year. He left school in March that year after the end of session dinner and prior to that time, he had been experiencing financial constraint, he was legit broke to the extent that he couldn’t afford airtime on his phone or even data.

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On getting home that March, he decided to sit his head and started asking what he could do, however no idea came until April 1st when a friend selling plain tees messaged him and said he should help repost, it was then he got it that he can start selling plain tees in school. He started research on what makes plain tee quality, different brands, and also branding as well. He did a proper research both physically and online and on the 9th of April, he had gotten quite a lot of information and then he started searching for a name for the brand.

OLUMI which is his nickname already had grounds in his faculty and some other faculties in his school as well as his hall of residence ( Kenneth Mellanby hall), immediately he knew Olumi must be part of the brand name and in order to be unique, he had to go to the foreign land to get names for fashion brands, searching in French was where he got PORTE which means WEARS so adding it together he got OLUMIPORTE.

On the 9th of April 2022, Olumiporte became 2 and now has a new logo.

New logo


Sales of plain and branded tees


Being a student and business man isn’t too easy for the CEO but it’s prioritization for him, if he gets a contract for instance and he knows he can finish under 3days, he will give the client 1week interval and plan himself with his academics within that time.

Old logo

Number of Employees

Olumiporte is singlehandedly managed by the founder.


  • To be the number 1 brand organization with unique and quality designs
  • The CEO believes in God then self determination with full optimism irrespective of the results


  • To bring class to casual wears at an affordable rate
  • To bring individuals and organizations to the consciousness of branding

Social media handles:

  • Olumi_olumi on instagram
  • Dasaolu olumid daniel on linked in.

Areas Served:

  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ibadan, Nigeria

Do you know about Kuda?


  • Entrepreneur of the year Faculty of the social sciences 2021
  • Entrepreneur of the year department of psychology 2021


Olumiporte has worked for;

  • Rekrut consulting
  • Nigerian beweries
  • Cecefinery london
  • NAPS
  • Stesa
  • Convenant christian center

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