Oladeji Bola

Oladeji Bolarinwa, is the Managing Director of Inside OAU Innovations and The Trybe City Technology LTD.

Born – 13th September, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Nationality – Nigeria

Occupation – Content Writer, Brand influencer, Social media manager and Journalist.

Title – Managing Director, Inside OAU Innovations, The Trybe City Technology LTD.

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Early Life

Oladeji Bolarinwa began his life in the Mega City, Lagos. He is the last born of his family and has 2 siblings. He was born on a rainy night on the 13th day of September at Solomade Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos State, to the Family of Mr and Mrs Oladeji.

He attended Marvelous Nursery school for his Kindergarten education. Moving on, he had both his Nursery and Primary school education at The Brooks Montessori School, Odogunyan, Lagos State. At secondary level, he attended one of the Oldest and Prestigious Nigerian schools, Baptist Academy (BAPTACAD) founded 1855, at Obanikoro, Lagos State, Nigeria. At Baptist Academy, he was God-fearing and also, diplayed good leadership skills which earned him the Chapel Prefect position.



Bola is an intelligent young man, with sound analytic, reasoning and communication skills. Bola after gaining admission into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University has been making waves ever since. He has been a brand ambassador and brand influencer for WOLEMUSIC a gadgets brand, The Choice Concepts a Clothing and printing brand, Sleek and Silhouette Salon, a unisex salon, Inside OAU Innovations and The Trybe City Technology LTD, in which he also served in many other capacities.

He discovered his talent for writing back in secondary from short poems, in which he got so many positive reactions from his colleagues and his networks on Social media. Today, he’s a certified freelance writer and also, writes content for one of the biggest campus brands not only in Nigeria but Africa, The Trybe City Technology LTD. A brand to which he actively contributed to its development from the scratch. He’s also a Shareholder at Trybe City Technology LTD.

Bola also served in many capacities in his department at Obafemi Awolowo University. He has served as an editor and production manager for his department’s editorial board, NAPS exclusive. He served as the Chief Whip in the Students Representative Council, NAPSRC. He also served as the General Secretary in the Constitutional Review Committee that has successfully reviewed the department association constitution after 5 years.

Bola is also a sportsman. He is the coach of his class team, a team that is unbeaten in all matches for 2 years. He also served as NAPS(National Association of Philosophy students) Director of Sports and Assistant Coach for his department’s football team.



In his leisure time, he loves writing copies and poems, watching football, especially, FC Barcelona matches and he loves watching movies. Bolarinwa is also a person that studies very hard not minding his involvement in so many extra-curricular activities.

Social media handles

Facebook – @Premier Bolar

Twitter – @bola_damzi

Instagram – @premier_bolar

LinkedIn – Oladeji Bolarinwa


Roles and Achievements

  • Editor: Inside OAU Innovations (2019-2020)
  • Creative Director: Inside OAU Innovations (2020)
  • Managing Director: Inside OAU Innovations and The Trybe City Technology LTD (2021- present)
  • Brand Ambassador: WOLE MUSIC (2020-present)
  • Trybe City Director and Shareholder: At The Trybe City from February 2022 till date
  • Bolarinwa championed the face of IOI magazine and first face of IOI competition.
  • Bolarinwa was the General Secretary of a committee that successfully amended NAPS OAU constitution.
  • Bolarinwa wrote so many high ranking articles and also edited amazing articles for Inside OAU Innovations that are topping search engines Today. He has written articles read by thousands of people.
  • Bolarinwa is one of the first generation members of Inside OAU Innovations and Trybe City Technology LTD.
  • Bolarinwa helped startup IOI Facebook page which now has over 2k followers. He was also the manager of IOI twitter account which had a 2k audience growth while he was the manager. He also handled IOI Instagram account to have alot of followers.
  • He has managed so many teams in IOI well, secured alot of partnership deals.


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Oladeji Bolarinwa is a prolific creative writer✍️, Content developer, Journalist, Editor, Brand influencer and a Director at Trybe City🧡. At his leisure time, he prefers to write and watch movies. He's a Barca FC supporter 💯. His favorite quote, "it's never over until it's over, keep fighting"💪.

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