Milola Apparel is a fashion brand that deals with totebags, Ankara T-shirt and most especially female dresses. Even though we are in a society that automatically humbles you because you’re a lady, Milola Apparel sees to building the confidence of ladies through their outfits.

Type: Private

Name: Milola Apparel

Founded: January 1, 2019

Founder: Alice Damilola Ijiola

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Industry: Fashion

Services: Wardrobe updates, Outfit Analysis, Fashion Design.

Location:Osun State, Oyo state (With nationwide delivery)


Global recognition in the fashion world, building a fashion brand that stand a test of time.


To see a community filled with confidence, modest and stylish ladies.


MILOLA APPAREL has been in existence since January 1,2019 but was officially established July 17, 2019. It was founded by Alice Damilola Ijiola , a 400 level Public Administration Student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. She’s from a Christian home,a believer of Christ with a earnest commitment to serve God.
She currently majors in Human Resources Management and is also an Event Decorator. Alice loves travelling and trying new things. She also loves staying on her phone too.

Alice enrolled in a Fashion School right after graduating from Secondary School where she spent a year and 6 months learning fashion design. She also has a strong passion for seeing ladies walk more confidently in their outfits without been ashamed. Alice’s aim is to ensure that females across the world dress modestly too.


Combining education and any form of business together, will definitely want to affect each other but diligence is not only about doing something well but doing them well and at the right time. Schedules has helped me a lot, I work within my schedule every day, I’ll say that’s what keeps me going”.

Like all businesses which require not only full attention and capital but also patience, Alice has always strive to get better despite the criticism she faced. Meeting different client with different attitude which might be discouraging sometimes never stopped her despite the stress of meeting some demands. She always has the mindset that she’s been corrected to get better.
Also, She described making delivery outside of her current location a bit straining too but this gives her a platform to do what she loves: Traveling.
She also had to involve herself in Social Media Challenges and promotion of her services on social media too.


Being a dedicated person who strives to get better, Alice ensures there’s always a balance in all that she does.She never lags when it comes to participating in school activities and even serving God. Although,her business takes up most of her time,she makes sure that it doesn’t affect the other aspects of her life too.
She has a principle that she lives by which is “Be Punctual in all you do“. Alice claims that this has helped her in School and also in her business too.


Social Media Handles

LinkedIn: Alice Ijiola
Instagram: milola_apparel
WhatsApp: 09070876502

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Ready to learn and be an effective member of the team

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