As at the time of writing this, Michael Honore Peter also known as Peter Michael is currently a penultimate student in the University Of Lagos studying Biochemistry. He was born in Ota, Ogun state Nigeria.

Born: May 16 ,2000

Place of Birth: Ota, Ogun state ,Nigeria.

Nationality: Nigerian.

State of origin: Badagry , Lagos

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Education: Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, IGS( Iganmode Grammar School) secondary school, University of Lagos ( currently).

Occupation: full-time student, programmer ,copywriter, writer calligraphy(occasionally), offline and online tutor , Chat bot development tutor, Programming language tutor ( Python , Java script , HTML and CSS).


Michael Honore Peter was born in Ota , Ogun state , Nigeria on the 16th of May 2000. He is a talented and driven young person with a keen interest in Computer programming. His siblings are David Peter and Ezekiel Peter , David is an aspiring undergraduate and Ezekiel currently studies computer science and is also a graphic designer. Michael is the middle child , with Ezekiel being older and David being younger.


Michael Peter started his formal education at the age of two, where he attended Arise and shine nursery and primary school . He also emerged as the best graduating student for his graduating set and held the position of Head boy before graduating. After completing his secondary school education at IGS( Iganmode Grammar School), he proceeded to the University Of Lagos for his first degree, where he currently studies Biochemistry .


Michael stands at 5ft 7inches(170.18 cm).


Besides his formal education, Michael is a very skilled and talented individual who is good at quite a number of applicable skills. He is a sophisticated programmer ,copywriter, writer, does calligraphy occasionally, also he tutors offline and online at strategic business tech space, tutors lecturers , undergraduates , secondary school students , professionals etc. He teaches chat bot development and programming languages (Python , Java script , HTML and CSS) .
He also briefly taught some science students Chemistry during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic.
Currently ,he is trying to delve into data science , machinery and robotics , which are subsets of Artificial Intelligence(AI).


Michael’s current net worth is unknown.



Michael was a social prefect in junior secondary school, a JETS student for Mathematics. JETS means Junior Engineers, Technicians, and Scientists (it’s basically a club for scholars who go for different interschool and interstate competitions).
In senior secondary school , he was the PRO( Public Relations Officer (ss1/ss2) and Speaker (ss2/ss3) for the Student Representative Council (SRC).He was the class captain of his class in senior secondary school (SS1 to SS3).
He won a debate competition, with a classmate, against Covenant University Secondary School in SS2. He was the student president of LEAP Africa in Junior school. LEAP means : Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism. It is a society of young people around the continent and helps to educate them and fine-tune their leadership and management skills. He was also a member of the press club in Secondary School.


He was part of a group of students who went for a cooking competition in SS3,he contributed in the quiz section and they came third. They however came first in the practical cooking section. Being a member of the press club, he was selected for many events and activities (apart from competitions) outside school. Visitations to Babcock University for an orientation kind of event were part of the activities undergone.
In junior secondary school a seminar at the local government with the chairman got him intrigued about politics .


Michael has published two books called :
Introductory Biology and How to develop a chat bot using snatch bot.
He has also published about fourteen (14) articles on medium . He started programming in 2019, has made thirty three (33) chat bots, has a portfolio on the
He also has three (3) published websites , eight(8) unpublished ones , One (1)published API(application programming interface) .



Two other competitions Michael has participated in are the cowbell mathematics competition in junior secondary school and WASSCE essay writing competition in Senior Secondary School. However he failed in both competitions. In senior secondary school , he wasn’t really serious with academics although he was proficient in writing and debate , which enabled his representing the school in various competitions and events . Failure to remain a JETS student in senior secondary school, low performance in some subject areas such as in further mathematics were some of the ways in which he was affected. He once dropped so drastically that he failed the subject once and only had average scores later. Another failed subject whilst in senior secondary school was Chemistry , which was described by Michael in his own words as being a nightmare then.
WASSCE was just barely passed as most of his scores were average except in Mathematics and Civics in which he had B2 and A1 respectively.


Apart from academics , Michael also failed to develop interpersonal skills. He only made few friends and even though he was into various social and extracurricular activities, he still wasn’t able to mingle with his colleagues so well. This led to most people in his set to believing he was arrogant and conceited.


Michael has no regret to some of his past failures in some academical subject areas , because he learnt from his mistakes and was able to revive his focus , which enabled him to get into UNILAG and made the fearsome chemistry one of his easiest courses .This in fact is why he currently studies Biochemistry right now. However, he does regret his not being friends with a lot of people who avoided him because of his seeming indifference to them.






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