Jethro David 

Jethro David is the CEO of PAX&REX, a fashion brand that provides comfortable and trendy clothes for people. He is a final year student studying Business Administration at the Precious Cornerstone University. He is popularly known as Rex

Born: 17th February, 2001.

Nationality: Nigerian.

Occupation: Student and Businessman.

Relationship status: Single.

Hobbies: Reading and travelling.

Life notion: Acknowledge God in all your dealings.

Height: 5’5

Blood type: x

Music genre of choice: Rap, afrobeat and hip hop. 

Favourite colours: White and red.

Personal Life

Rex born Jethro David is the second male child of a family of 8 which consists of his supportive parents, 3 other boys and 2 girls. He was born and raised in the Southern part of Kaduna state, Barnuwa GRA and hails from the Jaba tribe. He is a true believer of Christ who believes that acknowledging God in everything is a good notion to live by.

Rex used to play a lot of volleyball, Nigerian hockey and football but enjoys only football now. He is a faithful Messi fan who was once a Barcelona fan and had to change that when Messi moved to PSG. His mother believed he had weak legs so she never permitted him to play football but Rex ended up being an avid football player even though he never wished to take it to the professional level. To him football is enjoyable and it is a sport he used to sneak out to play.

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Reading about business and politics, travelling to long distant places, designing or checking out other brands and watching videos online are what Rex does in his free time. His hobbies have contributed to his growth as a person and as a businessman.

Owing to the fact that his dad’s lifestyle is pleasing since he does everything Rex wishes to become from his lifestyle to his business life and Kanye, who has also recorded so many achievements as a brand owner and as a person has inspired Rex to become a successful person. Rex’s dad and Kanye are his mentors and yardsticks for success. 

Rex loves Davido. 


Rex had his elementary studies at Government Secondary School Kurmin Mata Kaduna state. He attended a boarding school JSS1 to JSS 2 called Tafawa Balewa Memorial Commercial College then changed to Redeemers College, Abuja where he had to repeat the JSS 2 and continued through JSS 3. Then he left for Kaduna again and attended Baptist High School JSS 3 till he finished SSS 3. This was the school he became the Head boy in SS3. Before getting to a good school in Kaduna again,  he had to do a complete term home lesson.

Rex is presently a final year student at the Precious Cornerstone University where he studies Business Administration. He is a Chapel Executive (Leader of Welfare and Hospitality Unit) and an active player in the school’s football team. Rex once contested for the Students’ Union President post but lost to his opponent. 

Career Life

In 2019, Rex concluded that he needed to start a business so he thought about the most essential things that can pass through the test of time: food, house and clothes. To Rex, who had minimal knowledge about printing, designing and fashion, he decided to go through with putting comfortable yet trendy clothes on people. He knew he could market anything, hence, he believed in his skills and ventured into the creation of PAX&REX. 

PAX&REX is a dream to him and a career choice that won’t only change his life but also affect, inspire and touch the world positively. Together with his brother (Pax), they make evergreen clothes that bring comfort to people. The brand won’t just be selling people fabrics, they will be selling value while passing across strong messages to everyone that comes in contact with their products. To Rex, PAX&REX is a lifelong mission that will continue to grow to fulfil the needs of people and that’s the career path he has chosen for himself. 

Awards and Achievements

  • Graduated as the Best Art Student 
  • Established Fellowship Of Christian Students in Baptist High School
  • PAX&REX is in 5 different countries apart from Nigeria (Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and Cyprus).
  • Participated in the All Baptist Students competition and came out first.
  • Represented Baptish High School in an inter-school competition in Kaduna and came out second. 


Managing the brand and being able to do other things has not been easy for Rex but he believes that every successful journey comes with its obstacles and challenges. He has faced a lot and he is facing other issues but he is ready for more because those things contribute to his growth.  Rex is sure that God is involved in everything and that belief keeps him going. 

Social Media Handles 

  • Facebook: Jethro Rex David 
  • Twitter: Kingrex1964
  • Instagram: _kingrex1964

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