Ibironke Silvanus.

Ibironke Silvanus is a student entrepreneur, current president of the Nigerian Association of Science Students, the largest faculty on Obafemi Awolowo University Campus and a prominent role model to fellow students. He is the Director of The Enlightenment Forum, a platform to enlighten people as the name implies and this has gained major recognition on Obafemi Awolowo University Campus.

Early Life

Ibironke Silvanus born Ibironke Oluwadunsin Silvanus, popularly and politically known as Silvanus was brought to this beautiful world on the 9th of September in the 1990s in Osun State to Mr and Mrs Ibironke.  As his name suggests, he is a Nigerian Citizen and hails from Ilesa town in Osun State, Western Nigeria. He comes from a family of 5 where he is the first of four children and a Christian by religion and practices.

Coming from an average family, growing up exposed Ibironke Silvanus to several life experiences and being the first among other children without a Father figure naturally wired him to take up responsibilities and be a father to his siblings. This training did sharpen his survival instinct and his growth in all areas. Growing up he had a mindset that failure was not an option and the fear of failure became his drive to succeed. It didn’t come easy and this makes him a proud product of Grace.

Personal Life.

Ibironke Silvanus is a final year student of the Department of Microbiology, Obafemi Awolowo University and he is currently serving in the office of the President, Nigerian Association of Science Students (NASS), Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter. He is an enthusiastic media influencer, what is known as Public Relations and has his online presence recognized as THE ENLIGHTENMENT.

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Ibironke Silvanus derives satisfaction in taking responsibilities and is always delighted to share knowledge and ideas with everyone he comes in contact with. He is also into affiliate marketing, content creation and cryptocurrency training. He is a politician and is involved in so many humanitarian Services.

As an entrepreneur, he envisions becoming a prominent brand rendering various services to humanity in major aspects of life. He has a mission to build a good reputation, create flows of human connection and utilize the influence, integrity and trust for growth in every area.

Education History.

Ibironke Silvanus started School in 1999 and started at Bibo-Oluwa Academy Ilesa, Osun State. He had Crèche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary education at Bibo-Oluwa Academy. Thereafter he gained admission into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University on first trial, to study Microbiology, and is currently in his final year. Though he was not given his choice of course but he has found joy and fufillment where he is.

The Office.

As President of the Nigerian Association of Science Students, Obafemi Awolowo University, he officially assumed office in January 2022 as the 2021/2022 Session began. In running for the office, one of the things that gave him purpose is responsibility, as he always wanted to make sure that any community or association he finds himself in is in a very good state. The innate and unique ability to coordinate and manage people that he possesses inspired him to aspire for positions where he can impact lives with his ability extraordinary capabilities, when the opportunity to contest came, these were the driving force.

Vision for the Office.

His vision of the office is to retrieve the association’s fading integrity and reposition her as the greatest faculty on Obafemi Awolowo University Campus.

The WorkForce

In the association, there are other offices under the office of the president. So he works with quite a number of people. The main team he works directly with is the Executive Council of the association. There are thirteen members of this council with the president inclusive. Each office has different roles and they all have a positive and progressive impact on the president’s office and the association at large.

Education, Business and Politics.

As a preacher of Balance that Ibironke Silvanus happens to be, he knows all the rudiments of balancing the student life. However, that hasn’t made it easy for him but he has been able to strike balance to some extent and engages in activities as they should be. For his relationships, he has developed excellent interpersonal relationship skills over the years and this has helped him strike balance in that area.


The major challenge he has faced is managing his health and the stress of the responsibility, which he devised a means to effectively manage. He makes sure to write out every important task that he needs to carry out ranging from school work and study to political assignments and even to sleep and food, then arrange them according to their order of priorities and follows it strictly. This has proven to be effective in helping him manage his time, as anything that’s not on the just can’t have his attention.

Social Media Effect on Office

Ibironke Silvanus describes social media as a very important and great tool for h. He says his online presence got him where he is today. As a freshman, having utilized social media to connect with fellow students before resumption, he was able to emerge as Class Rep in his first year. It has remained a vital medium for information dissemination.

Lessons from Ibironke Silvanus

Ibironke Silvanus has been known to be a man of principles and great wisdom and has these words of advice to those who aspire to be like him whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

  •  He advises that before aspiring to help others put their life together, make sure you have yours together.
  • He says Leadership comes with a lot of sacrifices. That it may look easy on paper but it isn’t easy when finally in office. Without the readiness to devote your time to serve, it isn’t where you should be.
  • He also always says we should stay connected to people. At no point in time should we feel like we don’t need anyone. Be compassionate and treat everyone right.

Social Media Handles

Instagram- Bronkesilvanus (personal)

Twitter- Bronkesilvanus (personal)

Contact- 08146228055 ( personal)

Instagram- Nass_oau (office)

Twitter- Nass_oau (office)

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