Glim beauty an organic skincare brand is owned by creative formulator Marvellous Daramola


Full name: Daramola Marvellous
Date of birth: 1st of August
State of origin: Oyo State
Occupation: Student entrepreneur and CEO Glim Beauty

Personal life and early life

Miss Marvellous is the 5th out of 6 children, a Nigerian from Oyo state born on the 1st Of August in Ibadan, Oyo State. She had her secondary school education at Bloom Heights and is now a student of the University Of Ibadan, studying English and Literacy studies.


Miss Daramola, the CEO of Glim Beauty, founded the brand in 2020.
GLIM BEAUTY is an organic skincare brand that started as a skincare brand for treating skin conditions like Acne majorly.
Pimples, Rashes and redness of the skin being a common skin issue among young women, the brand based majorly on formulating Safe, Gentle and Effective products that’ll help calm the skin, treat the Acne while also Revitalising the skin. Miss Daramola has an Acne pronse sensitive skin, she suffered breakouts both on her Face and Body as Fresher in OAH, UI. She had tiny bumps all over her face and back and she had to wear turtle necks and used alot of store bought and DIY Products which didn’t yield any results.
Then, during the lockdown, she started reading about Organic skincare and how naturally derived ingredients can make a wonderful product that heal and treat the skin.

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She currently runs the business herself from formulating to production and also marketing.

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She went for a physical formulation class with a renowned skincare expert, she took courses online and did alot of practicals on her own and that’s how the brand came to life.

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GLIM BEAUTY helps people gain back their SKINfidence by providing them with a good variety of affordable and effective organic skincare products that help treat their skin concerns while also revealing a Revitalised, Healthy, Glowing Skin.

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All the Skincare Product are made in a clean and safe environment. All equipments are sterilized and all safety precautions are adhered to strictly.
She also adds that she needs everyone to understand that their skin has a memory and whatever you do to your skin today, you’ll continue to see the result in 10 years time.
So, it’s advisable to invest in good skincare products that’ll take your skin from dry- dehydrated to Healthy-glowing skin.
It has also been confirmed that 60% of what you use on your skin goes into your blood stream, so, she advices the use of Products that are made from naturally derived ingredients and to stop using chemical based Products that can cause hard side effects on your Skin.

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As a student one of the challenges is the break in transmission and flow of things educationally and when this happens, she has to divert her attention from education to business or learning a trade especially the disrupt in the educational system right now. For business, one of the challenges is what Nigerians want, they believe in getting or bleaching their skin quickly other than waiting for their skin to pop and look good, she’s trying to change the narrative that the skin needs attention and it takes time, this won’t happen overnight but it’s a gradual process.


Honourable Member Representing Obafemi Awolowo Hall at the Student Representative Council,UI(2020-2021)

Volunteer at Volunteers Hub Africa(2020-till date)

Vice President Obafemi Awolowo Hall, University of Ibadan (2021-date)


Most outspoken honorable member of the 8th assembly (2021)

Social media

abeni_sugar on IG and Twitter
Glim_beauty on IG

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Bolouere Miracle

I love to learn and this I will keep doing

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