Foot Palace is a prestigious footwear company that was founded on June 12th 2020. Foot Palace is into the making and sales of nice and comfortable footwears for males and females inclusive of children and adults. It was founded by Oyero Abdullah Olaseni, a 300 level Geography student of the University of Ibadan.

Founded: June 12th 2020
Founder: Oyero Abdullah Olaseni
Location: Oremeji Street, Police Barracks way, Moniya, Ibadan.
Industry: Shoemaking

About the founder

Mr Oyero Abdullah Olaseni who is a 300 level student of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan, is the creative founder of Foot Palace. He is a professional shoe designer who’s also a fashion lover. He deals with making all types of footwear and he’s also a bag maker. He is a Nigerian born into the family of Mr and Mrs Oyero on the 12th of June 1994 in Sagamu Ogun state. He had his primary school education in An-Nuur International school, Sagamu, Ogun State. Secondary school in Batoro Community Grammar School, Sagamu, Ogun State. Tertiary education in Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Erelu, Oyo, Oyo State. Political Science (NCE). Currently, he is pursuing another degree in Geography at the University of Ibadan where he serves as the General Secretary of the Department of Geography.


Mr Olaseni believes that different things inspire every individual towards anything they do. For him, it was his love for the feet. He also believes that our feet are one of the most hard-working parts we have on our body, but most people don’t treat them well, and he knew he can change this by creating designs that will make the foot look beautiful. This was the inspiration for the creation of foot palace.

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The founder


Foot Palace mission is to offer quality, branded shoes of all types in an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate the satisfaction of every person in the world.


The vision is to be the number one shoe industry in West Africa known for quality, durability and putting smiles on her clients face every time they put on their products.


Foot Palace has a total of 2 staff working for the industry.


There are a whole lot of challenges the founder faces but the most constant one is balancing. As a student entrepreneur who is reading one of the most time-consuming courses, Geography, it is always hard for him to balance his business with his studies. So many people believe that this is easy but it’s not depending on your nature of work and the founder makes more than 4 pairs of footwear a day sometimes and the same day is also allocated for lectures, tests and assignments. Nevertheless just as Mr Olaseni says, he is still standing firm on his feet to balance the two. It’s not easy but he’s coping. and he makes sure his business doesn’t affect his academics by all means.
Also, the work of the general secretary clashes with the other things he does as he is always fixed and stressed up, asides from school work there are some other organizations both online and physical that he functions as a key member in those organizations and he has to be active. Sometimes, he does three things together while working on footwears, he attends online meetings at the same time. But one thing this has taught him is the act of multi-tasking, he even says he’s an addicted multi-tasked man.

Areas Served:

  • Ibadan, Nigeria

Achievements and awards:

  • Entrepreneur of the year from the Department of Geography.
  • Finalist at NYFEW 2021 FASHION BOOTCAMP
  • Foot Palace works have been auctioned and displayed at some fashion shows. The likes of NYFEW 2021 Fashion show, Africa Fashion Week 2021, Queen Moremi Ajasoro Grand finale 2021.

Social media handles:

  • Facebook: Foot_palacee
  • Instagram: Foot_Palacee

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