Elsa Bankole is an undergraduate at the University of Lagos in the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science. She is also an entrepreneur.

Born : May 12,1998.

Place of birth : Alimosho , Lagos State , Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian.

Education : Building Block Montessori , The Rock Montessori , Loyola Jesuit college , University Of Lagos (currently).

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Occupation: Full time student and Entrepreneur


• elsas.accessories ,
• elsas_space (crochet).


Elsa Bankole started her formal education at the age of three, she attended Building Block Montessori for her Crèche and finished her primary school education at The Rock Montessori .She also attended Loyola Jesuit College for her Secondary school education. Afterwards ,she gained admission into the University Of Lagos to study Biochemistry. She’s currently a penultimate student of Biochemistry.


Elsa stands at 5ft 9inches(175.26 cm).


As at the time of writing this, Elsa Bankole also known as Elsa Vanilla is currently a penultimate student in the University of Lagos studying Biochemistry. She is the daughter of Maryanne Lucas and Sunnie Bankole. She also has five lovely siblings namely : Lisa, Dawn ,Amanda, Tobi and Deolu.

She is currently single.


Besides her formal education , Elsa is a very skilled and talented individual. She is an entrepreneur who is very versatile and into various sectors in general. She is the CEO of Elsa’s Accessories and Elsa’s Space. She also bakes cakes professionally , freelances in her free time (monetizing her skills- digital, technical and various skills), she personally shops for her customers (gift ideas , personal requests etc). Her current major business Elsa’s Accessories , consists of the sales of jewellery , accessories and perfumes.

Another major skill she has is crocheting and she is very much talented in the art of crocheting various items.


Elsa ventured into her business full time in the year 2018 and has continued to excel in it tremendously since then and currently .
She played soccer, ran long distance races, was in a dance group, was in the school parliament , president of chef and home maker’s club all while she schooled at Loyola Jesuit College.


Although Elsa is very much skilled and hardworking , balancing being an entrepreneur and full time schooling is quite an arduous task that Elsa has to face.


Instagram :
• @elsas.accessories
• @elsas_space (crochet).

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