ChrisB Treats is a pastry enterprise which serves the best treats to satisfy the client’s appetite and give them what they’ll always desire for with their tongue registering the taste at first contact.

Type: Private

Industry: Baking

Founded: June 15,2021

Founder: Adeniyi Christianah Boluwatife

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Location: Ile-ife,Osun State.

Services: Small chops,Plate and cupcakes, Pastries,Cakes for different occasions.


To have a restaurant that has Intercontinental dishes, become an event planner, and be known globally throughout the world.


The mission is to serve people the best desserts their appetite can ever request, thereby satisfying and wooing their cravings to the end that their smile glows unceasingly.

About the Founder

ChrisB TREATS was founded and officially launched on the 15th of June, 2021 to commemorate Miss Christianah’s birthday.
Miss Christianah Boluwatife ADENIYI is a final year student of the prestigious institution, Obafemi Awolowo University, where she’s studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education. She’s from Kishi, a notably agrarian settlement in Oyo State. She’s from a Christian background and is a lover of God who yearns for the kingdom of God to be established on earth.


During her interview, Miss Christianah explained her journey so far in the business world and the challenges she faced:

‘Starting up a business can be quite stressful, most especially, with regards to start-up capital, building trust, patronage, maintaining a good relationship with customers, convincing them to stay and making good sales. At the outset, I did a lot of physical and social media promotions with the help of friends by showing samples to course mates, posting some pastries on my social media statuses to mention but a few. In the same vein, a lot of discount promos and giveaways are part of my business strategy’.


Honestly, combining business and school hasn’t been easy for me. I, however, draw my inspiration from God and a popular saying always comes to mind,”Winners never quit and quitters never win”. Above all, good time management has helped me attain balance with my academic, business, spiritual and other engagements. I’m always at the top of my game and keep the ball rolling as I set my priorities right, and that has prevented me from lagging behind.

ChrisB Services


Instagram: ChrisB_Treats
Facebook: Adeniyi Christianah Boluwatife

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