Blessing Damilola Okunola

Okunola Blessing Damilola popularly known as Dammie G is a student, an entrepreneur in the Department of Art and Social Science Education, Religious Studies and Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, a prestigious institution in Nigeria. Dammie G is a seasoned creator and writer, a certified social media manager, a budding public speaker, and an author.

Born: August 21st

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo; Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife.

Personal Life

Okunola Blessing Damilola was born August 21st in the 1990s to the beautiful family of the Okunolas. He is a dedicated and devoted Christian, currently serving as an executive in the Baptist Student Fellowship at OAU. While on campus, Dammie G has served in various capacities because he believes that service to humanity is service to God.

He is a versatile person with the ability to deliver results in a constantly changing scenario. Blessing can easily adapt to new plans, strategize, and execute the tasks seamlessly. He likes to experiment with new ways to do things and achieve the desired results within a set time frame.With proven communication skills to effectively fill the post of PRO, the ability to work methodically and accurately, independence of mind, and the ability to think for oneself.

He enjoys public speaking,socializing, growing and learning every day, he does this by reading good books, travelling, coaching, and being with his loved ones.


Blessing attended Aatan Baptist Comprehensive High School, Oyo, and Olivet Baptist High School, Olivet Height, Oyo, where he had his junior secondary school and senior secondary school certificates, respectively.While in secondary school, he served in various capacities as a leader. He’s now a final year student of Obafemi Awolowo University and currently the present Public Relations Officer for FOSSU, OAU.


Blessing is the founder of the High Breed Community. He loves to see teenagers and young people identify themselves, realize their purpose, utilize all their God-given abilities, and encourages them to be more and to do more. He also believes that women should be recognized and given leadership roles in society.

With great leadership skills, he loves politics, and he has efficiently served in various positions both locally and internationally, which has earned him a lot of opportunities and experience. He has also worked and volunteered for many reputable brands as a Campus Ambassador, Sales Representative, Digital Marketer, and so on.

Outside the faculty, Dammie G has served and volunteered for various organizations both on the OAU campus and outside the campus. He is currently the Campus Ambassador for International Model United Nations and The Learnaholics Academy. Dammie G is currently volunteering for Hultprize OAU 2021 as a community manager and has organized a lot of successful events both on campus and outside OAU, both online and onsite. He’s currently a member of the Ife Educator News Agency.

Because of his enthusiasm and hunger to get better, he has attended a lot of leadership summits and seminars, which has earned him some invaluable knowledge.  His stewardship skills were displayed in his joining the fresher orientation team during the exemplary administration and the last administration of this great faculty. He also served as the electoral chairman of the Association of Religious Studies and Education Students.

He served meticulously as an Honorable representing the Religious Studies and Education Constituency where he emerged as the Chief Whip of the House in the 2019 Art and Social Science Education parliamentary session and as a volunteer and publicity team member for both Psalmy B and Emmskido, leading the administration towards the success of the annual Ife Art and Social Science Education Conference.

Dammie G is presently the FOSSU, OAU PRO 1 and Ife Educator News Agency, PRO of the Education Students’ Association of Nigeria, OAU content/creative writer coordinator.


  • A member of Ife Educator News Agency
  • Author of Pathway To Success


Being able to balance academics with a lot of responsibilities has been quite challenging for him. Also, being a leader has quite some demanding sacrifices which are time-consuming and there’s always an inability to please everyone too.

Social media handles

  • IG: blessing_okunola01
  • LinkedIn: blessing okunola
  • Twitter:ChiefPROpeller1

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Ready to learn and be an effective member of the team

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