Aworanti Salvation

Aworanti Salvation Grace is an entrepreneur and has a top-notch Adire and Kampala business. She is an active volunteer for humanitarian services and the founder of VARSH Foundation. She is also the convener of the Ila-Orangun Youth Conference, which started in the year 2017.

Early Life

Aworanti Salvation born Aworanti Salvation Grace was born on the 10th October 1999, to the family of Rev and Pastor Mrs Walter Aworanti. She is the third child of a family of four children, two grown men and two sweet girls. Aworanti Salvation Grace was born 22 years ago at Ila-Orangun, Osun State where she hails from.  She describes her childhood days as strange. Growing up, she was majorly curious about everything and wanted to explore, just an innocent tender child growing up. She has come to realize how much growth can be messy and strongly believes she’ll scale through always. Her life and story is the epitome of the power of optimism.

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Aworanti Salvation had her early education at Camillia, Ila Orangun in Osun State. At Camillia Nursery and Primary School, she had her Nursery and Primary Education, after which she proceeded to Camillia High School for her secondary education, where she graduated. On completing her secondary School Education, she did not immediately gain admission. This was quite challenging, more of personal bitterness and blaming herself for it all, but she came out victorious as she is presently a 300 level Student of the Department of Philosophy, Obafemi Awolowo University.

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Personal Life

Grace is an entrepreneur and is involved in various volunteer services. She is also into Sales of Kampala and Adire Fabrics, project management. She runs an NGO called  “VARSH FOUNDATION”, Voice Against Rape and Sexual Harassment, an advocacy group against any form of sexual abuse, child abuse and gender discrimination.  VARSH Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization created out of the need to have a society free of sexual abuse, child abuse, and gender-based abuse with an initiative to help victims/ survivors and bring their offenders to book using the instrumentality of the law. This is a service to humanity.

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What VARSH Foundation does

 VARSH Foundation is out to successfully arrange effective rallies and enlightening campaigns and conferences; for establishing a swift avenue for awareness programs designed for sensitization on child abuse, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence. To educate teenagers in secondary schools, about their sexual circle & sexual abuse in all its forms. To encourage the Nigerian government in fast-tracking the effective establishment of Sustainable Development Goals. To engage the Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Personnel, and Legal Practitioners in the prosecution of and fight against Sex Criminal Offenders. To also promote effectively Online Campaigns through Social Media Platforms [YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc]. VARSH Foundation helps in counselling and educating victims on procedures to handle their experiences with culprits. The Foundation actively contributes to free health support, counselling sessions, with professional health care providers – for victims of sexual abuse and gender-based violence.

The Office

The decision to contest was reached following a keen personal conviction, intense passion to serve, unalloyed and unparalleled desire to be committed to repositioning the Student’s Union to its desired heights and getting involved in nation-building which Awonranti Salvation Grace understands starts from our immediate community. The passion to serve was the driving force of her interest in the position.

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Apart from taking responsibility for duties of the office of the Vice President as well explained in the sacrosanct constitution of the Great Ife Student Union, Aworanti Salvation has the vision to ensure there is a community where every student have access to optimum representation and to invest in capacity building of every student.

The Workforce

Aworanti Salvation works with a team of 11 great minds. She believes in teamwork and its ability to produce the best out of every organization and certainly, she can gladly say she has the best team of people working with her. Everything and anything she has been able to succeed is as a result of the backstage work and struggle these team members undergo. In the Words of Awonranti Salvation, “It is not me but us”.


The Great Ife Student Union electives were yet to be sworn in but just sworn in on the 8th of March, 2022. The delay in swearing is the biggest challenge she has been faced with since she was elected. The work she and the team does is due to the recognition of the legitimacy the students have given to her to be Vice President and her Service to humanity.

Office and Academics

As a student and someone in a position, there has been no change that has affected her activities in such a way that she can’t easily get through, multitasking is the deal. Multitasking has been the pivotal tool in helping her create a balance between Academics and the Office.

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The Social Media Effect

For Aworanti Salvation Grace, social media is a powerful and useful tool in branding ideas and what a person does.


28th of November, 2021, she was conferred an Award of Excellence in Gender Advocacy on the 6th edition of the Osun State Youth Outstanding Awards.

Words of Wisdom From Salvation.

She admonishes people to always be ready to take responsibility and get involved even at their local levels anywhere.

“Stay focused, Know yourself and don’t forget the God factor”.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Aworanti Salvation

Twitter; @SalvationGrace1

Linked in: Salvation Grace

Instagram- salvationgrace1

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