Akindayini Kehinde

Akindayini Kehinde is a fashion stylist, an event planner, a brand strategist and also a brand Influencer. He is the CEO of DamakWears, a fashion brand.  

Born: 16th of November, 2000

Education: University of Ibadan, Ibadan 

Occupation: Student and CEO of DamakWears

Personal life

Mr Akindayini Kehinde also known as Damak was born on the 16th of November 2000, to the family of Mr and Mrs Akindayini. He is a 300 level student of Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. He is the present Speaker of the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the Chemistry department and also a member of SRC, Faculty of Science student. In his leisure time, he loves playing football, reading fashion magazines and watching movies. 


 Damak is currently a 300 level student at University of Ibadan studying Pure and Applied Chemistry. He is a student and an entrepreneur also he is currently the Speaker of the Student Representative Council of Chemistry department, University of Ibadan. His education, business and executive work are of utmost importance to him.

Career Life

Kehinde is the present teen coordinator of a popular NGO group, Soar initiative Lagos; a sexual offence and Awareness response Initiative. He is also an active Social committee member in the Department of Chemistry. He is the Creative Director of DamakWears, a styling and fashion brand.

Soar Initiative was where Damak started his first leadership role. He spent an average of a year before he was made to be in charge of Finances, then he was promoted to be the acting Coordinator after seeing how he performed in his former role. He is presently the Coordinator of Soar initiative, a sexual offence and Awareness Response Initiative, where he coordinates over 100 people.

At School, he started as an Honourable in his department before he was made a Speaker for the same department and his faculty at large. His leadership role and style allowed him to represent his department when the need arises.


One of the challenges Damak faced being a business owner, a coordinator of an NGO and a student was the art of balancing them without one affecting the other. He was also faced with the challenge of having to come up with the best solution anytime a problem arises most especially as a student coordinator of girls that were abused and raped. But he has been able to overcome all these problems because of the passion he has for his Academics and business.

Leadership Roles

  • Speaker of the Student Representative Council of Chemistry Department 
  • Member, SRC Faculty of Science
  • Teen Coordinator, Soar Initiative Lagos
  • Director, DamakWears


  • 2021/2022 SCSN Fashionista of the year
  • SCSN Influencer of the year
  • SCSN Best In Innovation and Creativity award. 

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Akindayini Kehinde

Twitter: Iam_Damak

Instagram: Iam_Damak

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