Adegboyega Ayyub (CEO of Imran Roofing)

Adegboyega Ayyub Adesegun (born 15 November) is a Nigerian businessman, philanthropist, Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Imran Roofing- an importer of roofing materials in Nigeria . Ayyub is the founder of Datastack and Imran Innovations , also, owns businesses across wood works , real estate, and finance. He recently supported Inside OAU Innovation’s headquarters project with a sum of hundred thousand Naira(100,000) .

Full Name – Adegboyega Ayyub Adesegun
Nick Name – Money121
Born – 15th November
Place of Birth – Lagos
Nationality – Nigeria
Parents – Mr & Mrs ADEGBOYEGA
Children – 2
Height – 6.31ft
Siblings – 6
Spouse – ADEGBOYEGA Ramat
Occupation – Roofer
Company– Imran Roofing System
Company Website

Early Life

Adesegun, born into the ADEGBOYEGA family is the fourth child of Mr & Mrs ADEGBOYEGA.He was born on the 15th of November, and has a total of 6 siblings . Ayyub always dreamt of being an engineer as kid , he attended Temijid Nursery/ Primary school, thereafter attended igando community high school , where he completed his senior secondary in 2009. Having dreams of becoming an engineer , Ayyub furthered his tertiary education by applying to Lagos state university (LASU) ,where he was admitted to study electronics and computer engineering. In 2014 he earned a bachelor degree in electronics and computer engineering. from Lagos state university (LASU) . Ayyub whom in recent interviews reminisces about his tertiary school days ,remembers how bad his grades were, was never a stop for him in believing in his potentials and striving to be a successful person . After his bachelor degree in Lagos state university, due to low rate of employment in the country and in order to make a living, Ayyub started selling phones on the street.

Business life

Adegboyega Ayyub got employed by Balan roofing company, where he later resigned in 2015 to venture into blogging . Adegboyega blogged for a period of time before finally launching his own roofing company; IMRAN ROOFING, in September 22 ,2016 . Imran roofing is a registered construction company in Nigeria , and today, Imran roofing is one of the top notch companies in the field of construction.
Imran roofing was established as a small enterprise in 2016! , Today, it is a multi billionaire -naira firm, delivering roofing products across every globe of the world. Imran roofing operates in Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia , Togo, and many more African countries.

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Imran roofing dominates the roofing business in Nigeria and is a major supplier of roofing product . This company has roofed over 10,000+ buildings in Nigeria including the multimillionaire mansion of CEO of Naijaloaded.You can no doubt call them the best roofing company in Nigeria

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Adegboyega is well known for his philanthropic acts, even before his success as a business man, he has always been a person that loves giving out, even from the little he has. In a recent interview with the CEO of The Trybe City Technology Limited , Fawole Tomi, emphasized that meeting C.E.O of imran roofing made a turning point in his life. He mentioned, “anyone who knows Engineer Ayyub would know he is an Angel in human form”. He is a person always ready to support , advice and motivate you . In 2018 , Engr Ayyub supported over 1000+ Nigeria youth with a total of over 2 million Naira, through an initiative called Imran innovations; to give underprivileged students in Nigeria access to higher education. He further made it a habit to pay Jamb registration fee for students every year. Since its inception, the scheme has benefited more than 100 students. Currently, he created a thread on Africa most used forum, nairaland, where he has been supporting people in need every week with as much as 25k. In the last few month he has supported over 100+ people from the forum .Engr Ayyub supported Trybe City with the sum of 100,000 for their headquarters set up project . Adeboyega has made a total donations worth over hundred of millions. You can also be a part of Engr Ayyub weekly giveaway by staying updated to his thread in Nairaland , click here to see

Personal Life

ADEGBOYEGA lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is married to Ramat Adegboyega. He has daughters and a son . He recently celebrated is birthday in United Arab Emirates with his family. Adegboyega no doubt Ayyub loves his family so much . Adegboyega’s wife launched her food store in 2020 , she is currently the CEO of Imran Food Mart .


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