The 5Alive fruit juice brand is a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola company which was originally introduced in 2003. The brand is known for making a range of fruit juice from juice, nectar and drink blends. The name 5Alive is as a result of the five fruit blends each juice variety contains.


The fruit juice brand’s current slogan “Made with Nature” is the watchword


The mission of the 5Alive brand is “ create a lifestyle where the one evolves around the 10 and 10 around one.” This matches their desire to create an enjoyable product that can be shared among friends, family and colleagues. These “ten” is the combination of ten different variants of the 5Alive fruit juice to 1L Citrus Burst, Berry Blast, Apple, Pineapple Punch, Cocopine, Orange and 40cl 5Alive Pulpy Orange, 35cl 5Alive Tropical, 35cl 5Alive Apple and 85cl 5Alive Pulpy Orange. Through this process, news of the brand would circulate and people would get the opportunity to taste the yummy goodness and tell tales of it’s refreshing quality. The mission of the company is to produce an healthy fruit drink that gives energy and brings unity in gatherings of people.


The 5Alive fruit juice brand has no subsidiaries but is a subsidiary in itself of the Coca-Cola company.

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Company History

5Alive was launched in 1981 but, was initially introduced in the 1950, as the subsidiary of The Coca-Cola company and their intention at the time of the brand’s creation was to keep The Coca-Cola company’s intention of providing the benefit of choice to her consumers. The juice brand originated from the United States and was released in conventional juice box cartons. However, in the 1990s, production of the juice brand stopped in the United States but continued in Canada.
5Alive came to Nigeria and was launched in 2003 under the Coca-Cola company.

Social Media Handles

Instagram- @5aliveng
Twitter- @5AliveNG

Company photos


Pulpy orange
Citrus burst

Registered Name

The 5Alive fruit juice brand is registered under the Coca-Cola company as 5Alive and this reflects on the logo of the brand.

Founded – in 1981
Founder – the Coca-Cola company
Industry – Food and beverage
Website –

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