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Trybe City Wiki presents WikiBiz, we all know that as an entrepreneur you need all the eyes to get your desired sales and move the needle. This is where WikiBiz comes in because we have the eyes you need to achieve your business/brand goals non stop with us. We will help you get the visibility that your brand needs, expose your business/brand to a wider reach of customers and help you to get people know what your business/brand truly stand for.

The winner gets featured with a business biography on our website and also get posted across all Trybe City social media platforms.


1. A legitimate business
2. A business profile

How It Works

1. Follow Trybe City across all social media platforms.

2. Tag the social media handles for the business along with #WikiBiz in the comment section on this social media post on Instagram click here to instagram post

3. Share with us the business profile and why they are nominated along with your comment.

4. The most nominated businesses will be voted for via a poll on our website after this nomination ends.

The nomination opens NOW and will close on the 10th of July.

Start nominating!

Please Note:

1. Only legitimate businesses will be considered.

2. Comments on other articles will be disregarded and deleted.

3. One user can only nominate a business

4. A poll will be held for a week after the nomination process.

As earlier stated, no restrictions because all businesses will be considered.

● Terms & Conditions apply

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