Top Affordable Universities in Canada

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There are many affordable universities in Canada, but you need to be aware of the different types of schools before choosing. There is a wide range of degrees available at every university and some of them are more expensive than others. The most common type of degree offered by Canadian universities is a bachelor’s degree. These can take up to four years to complete depending on which college or university you go to.

Another popular choice for students is a master’s degree. Master’s programs usually last for two years and they are designed to help prepare graduates for specific careers. Students who want to further their education will also find that there are many postgraduate diplomas and certificate courses available at all colleges and universities. Some of these are very cheap while others cost thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for an affordable university in Canada then it pays to do your research first and this article may serve as a guide.

1) University of Toronto

Cost: $6,100 – $30,000 (Yearly)

The University of Toronto offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has campuses across Ontario as well as one in New York City. Most of its programs are accredited through the U.S.-based Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The school offers over 100 undergraduate majors including business administration, computer science, engineering, and law. Its graduate program includes MBA, MSc, and Ph.D options.

2) McGill University

Cost: $6,000 – $15,000 (Yearly)

McGill University was established in 1821 and is located in Montreal. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in arts, sciences, and medicine. Undergraduate programs include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Social Work, and Bachelor of Education. Graduate programs include Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, and Ph.D.

3) University of British Columbia

Cost: $5,400 – $30,000 (Yearly)

UBC was established in 1908 and is located in Vancouver. It offers undergraduate degrees in arts and sciences, business, education, nursing, information technology, law, and psychology. Postgraduate degrees include master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees.

4) University of Waterloo

Cost: $8,000 – $33,000 (Yearly)

The University of Waterloo was established in 1965 and is located in Waterloo, Ontario. It offers undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in arts and humanities, business, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, economics, geology, forestry, and medicine.

5) University of Victoria

Cost: $5,700 – $18,800 (Yearly)

The University of Victoria was established in 1883 and is located in Victoria, British Columbia. It offers undergraduate degrees such as arts, commerce, education, engineering, environmental studies, geology, geography, history, international relations, law, political science, public policy, sociology, statistics, and theology. Graduate programs include master’s, doctoral, professional, and non-degree diplomas.

6) University of Calgary

Cost: $5,500 – $15,000 (Yearly)

The University of Calgary was established in 1891 and is located in Alberta. It offers undergraduate degrees including arts, business, communication, dentistry, education, engineering, law, medical lab technology, physical therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, veterinary medicine, and zoology. Graduate programs include master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

7) University of Manitoba

Cost: $7,500 – $21,000 (Yearly)

The University of Saskatchewan was established in 1909 and is located in Saskatoon. It offers undergraduate degrees in agriculture, arts, business, computing, education, engineering, finance, food, human resource development, legal studies, microbiology, music, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, and psychology. Graduate programs include master’s degrees, doctorates, and non-degree diplomas.

8) Western University

Cost: $6,000 – $35,000 (Yearly)

The Western University was established in London, Ontario in 1958. It offers undergraduate degrees that are available online. These include arts, business, communications, criminal justice, education, English, family, foreign languages, industrial design, and marketing. Graduate programs include master’s degrees, doctorates, postdoctoral fellowships, and certificates.

9) University of Ottawa

Cost: $5,800 – $36,000 (Yearly)

The University of Ottawa was established in 1784 and is located in the city of Ottawa. It offers undergraduate degrees with majors in arts, business, education, and law. Graduate programs include master’s, doctoral, and non-degree diplomas.

10) Carleton University

Cost: $7,100 – $17,000 (Yearly)

Carleton University was established in 1875 and is located in Ottawa. It offers bachelor’s degrees in arts, business, economics, education, engineering, environment, law, medicine, nursing, philosophy, politics, social work, theatre, and visual arts. Graduate programs include master’s.

11) University of New Brunswick

Cost: $6,700 – $16,000 (Yearly)

The University of New Brunswick was established in Fredericton in 1785 and is located in New Brunswick. It offers undergraduate degrees in arts, business administration, computer information systems, education, engineering, health sciences, humanities, mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, physiology, pharmacology, psychology, social work, social services, and theology. Graduate programs offer master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and professional diplomas.

12) McMaster University

Cost: $7,500 – $40,000 (Yearly)

McMaster University was established in Hamilton in 1854 and is located in Ontario. It offers undergraduate degrees in arts, business, computer science, education, engineering, forestry, geology, law, medicine, mathematics, military science, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy/occupational therapy, psychology, social work, and theology. Graduate programs at McMaster include master’s degrees, doctorates, and non-degree diplomas.

13) York University

Cost: $7,000 – $12,000 (Yearly)

York University was established in 1960 and is located in Toronto. It offers undergraduate programs in arts, biology, business, chemistry, communication, criminology, dentistry, earth & environmental sciences, economics, education, electrical engineering, epidemiology, history, law, management, medical sciences, molecular genetics, nursing, political science, public policy, psychology, sociology, statistics, technology, and veterinary medicine. Graduate programs at York include master’s, doctoral, and diploma programs.


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