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Top 10 Hottest Careers in the UK


Whether you’re considering a career change or seeking employment after higher education, choosing a career path can be an arduous task. While passion ranks first among factors to consider, you should take into account the earnings as well. There are various career opportunities in the UK with high salaries. Perhaps you’re wondering which one will be the most profitable career; here is a list of the hottest careers in the UK.

  • Chief Executives and Senior Managers
  • Aircraft pilot
  • Medical practitioner
  • Legal professional
  • Advertising and public relations director
  • Investment banking associate
  • Human Resource Director
  • Actuary
  • Programmers and Software Developers

1) Chief Executives and Senior Managers


The chief executive oversees the affairs of a company, including the appointment of department heads, formulating policies and analyzing financial activities. Also known as the highest level manager, the chief executive handles the rein of a company from finance to sales, customer service and operation. The average salary of a CEO starts at a staggering £97,083 to £250,000 per year. Chief executives rank among the highest-paid employees in the UK. If you want to be a chief executive, you’ll need to earn a degree in a business-related field and have at least 3 years of experience. Furthermore, a chief executive is expected to possess leadership skills, people management, business analysis, etc.

2) Aircraft Pilot


If you’ve ever dreamed of flying an airplane, you should know that being a pilot is a lucrative job with an average annual salary of £54,000. The UK boasts one of the most developed aeronautical systems in the world with its cutting-edge technology and expansive airlines. The aeronautical engineering industry seeks engineers for the maintenance of aircraft. While you’ll need to adhere to strict schedules and be accountable for lives on board, it’s quite a rewarding career considering the income. Interested individuals must be certified as aeronautical engineers and have flying experience. In addition, they must have a pilot’s license and pass their medical exam.

3) Medical Practitioner


UK healthcare prides itself in having the best medical services in the world. Due to increasing patient needs, there’s a high demand for medical practitioners in the UK. While it’s a rigorous profession, medical personnel are compensated with a handsome salary. Since there are various areas of specialization, the pay varies. Medical practitioners can earn on average £1,220 each week. A physician can take home an average basic salary of £62,268 to £93,965 every year. If you’re a member of the NHS, you can have a salary bump amounting to £114,003. With many years of experience, your salary may surpass £200,000.


Law profession ranks among the highest income paid jobs in the UK. As a lawyer, you can work in different sectors. Legal practitioners can earn about £70,321 to £122,000 per year. Nevertheless, the salary may vary based on your province or area of specialization. An experienced paralegal can get up to £55,000 or £70,000 in some situations. Besides the high income, the legal profession comes with prestige and authority.

5) Advertising and Public Relations Director


Marketing plays a huge role in achieving your business goals and objectives. Advertising and public relations director is responsible for promoting the business while building a positive image of the company. Working as a public relations director in the United Kingdom can earn you about £34,000 to £128,000 annually. Are you considering a career in advertising? You’ll need to bag a bachelor’s degree in advertising, communication or marketing.

6) Investment Banking Associate


Investment banking is a sought-after career in the UK, especially on Wall Street. However, working as an investment banker seems stressful; it’s pretty rewarding. An investment banking associate is concerned with financial modelling, writing deal proposals and books. The salary range is from £67,000 to £120,000, depending on the locality, experience and skill. Typically, an investment banker works 70-85 hours per week; thus, you can consider the career if you don’t mind a rigorous profession. If you’re looking to pursue this career, you’ll need an MBA, law or finance degree.

7) Human Resource Director


A human resource director supervises the hiring process of an organization. HR directors formulate policies regarding recruitment exercise, management and employees’ welfare. Depending on the organization, a human resource director can take home as income £55,000 to £120,000. In some cases, the salary may be more. A career in human resources requires a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business administration, human resources, industrial psychology and any other similar field. Preferably, most companies seek employees with 5-7 years of experience in managerial roles. To excel as a human resource manager, you need to know labour relations, strategic planning, people management, etc. Do you have good communication and people skills? HR might be the right career choice for you.

8) Actuary


An actuary analyzes financial risks focusing on economic, statistical, and mathematical mechanisms. Actuaries can work in the healthcare, finance and banking sectors. While the average salary for an actuary is around £67,727, actuaries working in Leeds, Edinburgh and London earn more. Those with more experience, like 10 to 15 years, can earn over £60,000 to £200,000 as senior directors. A good actuary should be experienced in data analysis and risk management. Furthermore, you’ll need to be good with numbers and pass a qualifying exam.

9) Programmers and Software Developers


The UK and other countries are currently bridging the digital skills gap, thus the increased demand for programmers and software developers. With salaries starting at £26,000, you might want to consider this career path. You’ll need to learn to code and develop software to be proficient in this field.

10) Marketing Specialist


Every business depends on marketing strategies to boost sales and attract customers. As a marketing specialist, you can work in various industries. There are different areas of marketing you can delve into. You can be an online market, copywriter or marketing director. Starting salary for a marketing specialist is £25,000. Over time, it increases to about £60,000 or more, depending on the position held.

Now you know the hottest careers in the UK. While you’re considering some of the above-listed careers, you should ensure you’re skilled and employable. Don’t forget that building a career requires you to dedicate time and money to become an expert in your chosen field.



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