5 Affordable universities in Ireland (2024)

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There are many affordable universities in Ireland. This is because Ireland offers a high-quality education at a lower cost than other English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia. Ireland is known for its stunning natural scenery, exciting nightlife, and kind, hospitable people.

It is often regarded as a safe and peaceful country with a high standard of living. Furthermore, because it is an English-speaking country, prospective international students will find it simpler to get admission to the country for higher study.

As a result, the number of international students in Ireland has been steadily increasing till 2019. Many of the country’s higher education institutions currently have around 35,000 international students. Many educational institutions around the country participate in the Erasmus, student, and staff exchange program. In comparison to the United Kingdom and surrounding European countries, Ireland has a lower cost of living.

International students studying in the country might apply for a visa that allows them to work part-time to augment their income. They can also apply for government scholarships and a variety of grants and financing from their colleges, private organizations, and other outside sources. Below are the affordable universities in Ireland.

1) Technological University Dublin

The Technology Institution of Dublin (TUD) is Ireland’s first technological university. The Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, and Institute of Technology Tallaght. They all merged to form the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2019. Blanchardstown, Grangegorman, and Tallaght are all campuses of the university. It has an online presence as well, thanks to its virtual campus.

Technological Institution Dublin is one of the affordable universities in Ireland for international students, with a tuition price of $3,900 per year. The institution provides a good selection of options for both local and international students through its many programs. Architecture, Built Environment, Business, Law, Art, Design, Music and Drama, Science, and Sports and Leisure are among the programs available to students.

The Technological University of Dublin also encourages and facilitates personal development among its students. Students operate over 75 different societies for students at the institution. Additionally, unique activities for students are hosted on campus throughout the year.


2) Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Letterkenny Institute of Technology was founded as Letterkenny Regional Technical College. It was created to address the labor shortage of trained technicians. A rebranding campaign gave the institution its current name in 1997. This low-cost Irish institution provides a variety of degree programs to students from both Europe and non-European countries.

Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts in Animation, Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Science in General Nursing are among the courses available. Students at the institute have access to cutting-edge facilities to help them succeed in their studies. To meet the requirements of the students, the institute also has sports and leisure facilities. Students who wish to stretch their muscles at the end of the week can take advantage of free exercise courses.

3) University of Limerick

The Institution of Limerick is a famous public research university located in the iconic city of Limerick in Ireland’s Midwest area. The institution now has around 16,000 students enrolled. Over 2400 students from more than 100 countries make up this group. Science and engineering, arts, humanities, education, health sciences, and the Kemmy Business School are the university’s four primary faculties of study.

Postgraduate and undergraduate students can choose from more than 100 different degrees. It was also one of the first colleges in the country to provide students the opportunity to participate in a co-op work placement program. The university’s famed Students Union also oversees the student population and offers more than 70 clubs and organizations for their benefit.

With its great intellectual potential, the institution has consistently been listed among the top 500 universities in the world (according to QS rankings).


4) Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College is a private higher education institution in Dublin, Ireland’s capital city. It is one of the best affordable universities in Ireland. The institution was established in 1974 to equip prospective students with business and accounting skills. It has now grown into a globally recognized school that offers education in a variety of fields other than business.

Griffith College now has around 7000 undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled. The college’s academic profile includes a variety of faculties ranging from business and law to pharmaceutical research and design. Students can choose from over 100 different courses. The School of Professional Accountancy is particularly well-known since it offers ACCA and CPA-certified courses.

The college also emphasizes its international focus, forming partnerships with universities in Germany, the United States, India, Korea, and China. It also participates in Erasmus and Socrates exchange programs.

5) Cork Institute of Technology

The Cork Institute of Technology, founded in 1974 and located in the city of Cork, is a prominent school of higher education. This affordable university in Ireland was formed to sustain education in the disciplines of engineering and technology in the country, with its beginnings in the Royal Cork Institution. The institution now has a student population of around 17,000 students.

Despite its designation as a technological institute, the CIT offers courses in art, business, theater, natural and physical sciences, law, and engineering. Business & Humanities, Engineering, and Science are the three primary component faculties. These faculties also include other schools of study. The university also has an 80-acre campus in the Bishopstown area of Cork.

Students have access to cutting-edge academic, social, and recreational facilities, all of which contribute to a lot of university experience. These include cutting-edge sports halls, swimming pools, one of the country’s largest university libraries, and top-tier research facilities. It is also one of the few higher education institutions in the country to demonstrate a strong commitment to research activities that contribute significantly to Ireland’s national growth.

Research also encompasses a wide range of subjects, giving the institution a well-rounded edge. Academic connections with foreign colleges are being developed to retain this great institution’s reputation.



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